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Date Ideas
Utah Valley Date Ideas

By Amy West


Looking for some good dating ideas?  We’re here to help! Here are some great ideas to add to your list for one-on-one dating and group dates! 

  1. Go to an Art Museum - afterward use ideas from the art-fest date - OR buy clay or other materials for creating your own sculptures - or papier-mâché or paper, fabric, photos for collage.
  2. Try out local, small theaters, not just movies every time. Also try animation festivals, documentary presentations, foreign and limited-run films can be a blast. Afterward, go home and make your own short documentary, or clay animation.

3. Have an ice cream sculpting contest. Each couple gets a block of ice cream, spoons, knives, and toppings.

4. Pick up your date and a chaperone and go on a canoe ride on a lazy river or canal. The chaperone's job is to drive and row while you entertain your date and/or eat. Or just rent a boat and go out on the lake for lunch or a candlelight dinner. Or go on inner tubes down the Provo River and end with a picnic.

6. Go bird watching at the aviary.

7. Have your own Olympic competition. Locate a large piece of cardboard. This can be found at a nearby furniture or appliance store. Curve the end up like a toboggan. Find a sloping hill of dry grass and slide down.


8. On a sunny Saturday morning, travel around the countryside and photograph special sites and serene scenery. Develop your film and make a collage or little book.

9. Put together a puzzle on a rainy or snowy evening. Have hot chocolate afterward.

10. Attend an auction together. Look in the paper for events.

11. Get up early one morning and head for the mountains, a lake, the shore, or even the sand dunes. At the sand dunes you can make a sand city, or a dragon, or a life-size car. Take along all the ingredients for a delicious lunch.

12. Build a tree house and have a candlelight dinner in there.


13. Get your group together and go to a park or open field. Everyone in the group needs to wear a white T-shirt and be armed with a squirt gun (not a "Super Soaker"). But instead of water, these guns will be filled with either red or blue dye (food coloring can usually do the trick)! The object of the game is to shoot the other team's players before they shoot you. However, a team member cannot "die" unless he or she has the other teams dye on the front and back of their shirts (the person is then out). The team with the last person alive wins. After the shooting stops, trade guns if you want to play.
14. Go on a hot-air balloon ride. Depending on the time of day you go, be sure to take a picnic, light breakfast or dinner (you may want to have enough for the operator too). Don't forget to take some pictures of the breathtaking views.


15. Make houses out of cookies, candy, cardboard and frosting, or decorate gingerbread men. Have everyone bring bags of candy for decorations to share. Working in pairs: have each couple bake and decorate their house.


16. Enjoy sitting around a fireplace eating popcorn and visiting with your friends. Spend the time telling your favorite jokes and stories. Maybe tell everyone to have one story about their life or experiences and bring a prop or some sort of memorabilia. You all get to know each other and probably laugh a lot.

17. Construct igloos, then climb inside and drink hot chocolate. Or build snow forts and have a snowball fight.

18. Order a pizza and have it delivered to a park gazebo. Take a moonlight canoe ride.
Have a candlelight picnic in the backyard.

19. Go out to the lake just before sundown, where you have a boat waiting. Inside the boat there is a small cooler that contains dinner for two and candles. Float out on the lake and have a candlelight dinner (an maybe go for a swim). Finish the night with s'mores.

20. Attend a concert in a smaller, more intimate setting. These are all over Provo. Or watch a concert video in your backyard.

21. Rent a snowmobile and ride to your favorite meadow. Take lunch and hot cocoa.
 22. Bake cakes and decorate them with frosting, sprinkles, candies, etc. while blindfolded.

23. Go out to breakfast before school.

24. Rent or borrow a gas or electric generator, then spend the evening on the side of a mountain watching television or listening to a stereo while enjoying the view. Or take your T.V. to a campground and have a campfire with s’mores.

25. Play croquet, golf, or Frisbee with a twist (in the wintertime or at night with flashlights). Maybe play soccer with each couple’s legs tied together.

26. Visit your local antique store. If you have enough time, buy an antique and restore it together (may take several dates). After you finish it, give it to your date as a gift.


27. Play name that tune with older songs. Split the group up into two teams, and take turns as the two contestants. Alternate who gets to guess first by teams for each round. "I can name that tune in _____ notes" (pick a number). Whoever bids the lowest number each round gets to listen to that number of notes. If he/she correctly identifies the song OR the group, his/her team gets a point. Otherwise, the point goes to the other team.

28. Have a "Mr. America" or a "Miss America" contest. Each couple works as a team to embellish (add decorations) to their contestant. Ask the girls to write an original poem, followed by an interview question. Ask the guys to do push-ups, followed by an interview question. Award points for each category and at the end of the evening find out who is "Mr. America" or "Miss America. "

29. Make homemade bread. Knead the dough together, then relax with a good book or watch a video while the dough rises and while the bread is baking. Let the bread cool just enough, then enjoy hot bread with butter and jam.

30. Pitch a frame tent inside your family room. Turn out the lights, light an electric lantern, then tell stories, play games, and have treats inside.

31. Attend a summer rodeo.