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Extra Cash

Earn Extra Cash

By Rebecca Rode

Let’s face it: times are tough, and even college students are feeling the pinch. Competition for work has increased dramatically, but the average paycheck is the same or lower than it has been in past years. Rent, food, and books can take a big chunk of your college budget. And of course, there’s the yearly tuition hike.


College stud14DERECIents are getting creative with ways to pay the bills. Here are ten side jobs that can earn you extra cash:


1.  Seasonal Outdoor Work: Almost anyone, male or female, can go door-to-door asking if residents want their leaves raked, their lawn mowed, or their walkways cleared of snow. This type of work requires little equipment (which can be rented or borrowed) and can earn you $20-50 an hour.


2. House Cleaner: Whether you join a cleaning company or go out alone, there is good money to be made cleaning houses. In apartment complexes that require cleaning checks, you can even offer your cleaning services to students who don’t have time to prepare for their upcoming cleaning check. This type of work requires only cleaning supplies and a little advertising, and can earn you $20-100 an hour.


3. eBay Tycoon: Collect junk or clothes from neighbors, sidewalks, or online and sell it for profit. An old piece of furniture can be sanded, painted, or upholstered in an hour or two – and then resold for a nice chunk of change. Lightly used clothing sells quite well on eBay, and even appliances or computer parts can be sold online. If you target the right market, you can sell it. Post fliers on school bulletin boards or list online (one popular online classifieds site is, where you can sell anything for no listing fee). This type of work requires only a little elbow grease, some patience, and perhaps Internet access, and it can earn you $5-200 an hour.


4. Drop-in Cook: Have a few good recipes? Offer to cook dinner three times a week for another apartment. Give them a shopping list for the week so all you have to do is show up and cook. This type of work requires only creativity and a little talent, and it can earn you $10-30 an hour. It could help you get dates, too.


5. Music Lesson Teacher: Statistics show that 40-60% of Utah Valley college students play an instrument. Offer cheap music lessons to roommates, neighbors, and potential dates. This type of work requires talent, an instrument, and a little advertising and can earn you $10-30 an hour.


6. Custodian: It may not be the most glamorous employment you’ve ever had, but it’s one job that isn’t going anywhere. Custodial work usually offers night or early morning shifts, so you can still attend day classes. This type of job requires only a sense of humor and an old pair of jeans, and it can earn you $8-15 an hour.


7. Window Painter: If you have some artistic talent, talk to local stores and restaurants and offer to paint their windows. They always need words such as “Blowout Sale” or “Everything 60% Off” painted, or even pictures of snowmen in winter or fireworks in summer. Just remember to practice at home and take photos of your work so you have a portfolio to show your customers. This type of work requires a little artistic talent and advertising, and it can earn you $10-40 an hour.


8. Hair Stylist:  If you have hairstyling training or experience, go door-to-door and ask if anyone needs a haircut. This may require special scissors or clippers, but it can earn you $20-50 an hour.


9. Ticket Salesman: Buy sports, music, or cultural event tickets early on and then sell them for a profit. Remember that some venues have strict rules and regulations about when and where you can do so. School bulletin boards and online sites are popular for ticket exchanges and sales. This type of work requires a little money up-front to make purchases, but it can earn you $5-50 an hour.


10. Tutor: Regardless of where you go to school, your area of study (especially math and science) probably has a need for tutors. Some departments ask for volunteers while others pay tutors by the hour. You can advertise on your own online or with fliers. This type of work requires some knowledge or experience of the subject you’re teaching, and it could pay $5-30 an hour.


With a little creativity and some courage, you can earn money doing almost anything. And who knows—maybe you’ll meet a few interesting dating prospects in the process. At any rate, it will take your mind off chemistry for a while.